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The Team Behind the Passion Entrepreneurs
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Our Values

The Passion Entrepreneurs Team is a collaboration of three tech savy marketers that are passionate about bringing value and helping people develop skills in digital marketing to build their own businesses. If you don't have passion for for what you do, then you might as well NOT do it at all!

  • Happiness: We are at our best when we are grateful, knowing that we are blessed with healthy bodies, sound minds, good friends and a life of freedom and abundance. We take nothing for granted.
  • Virtue: We are at our best when we are authentic and transparent in our communication and intentions. We always seek to do the “right thing”.
  • Character: We are at our best when we are fully committed to what we are doing, executing it fully and consistently, to the best of our ability.
  • Service: Nothing makes us happier than serving and caring our families, friends, customers and community.
  • Balance: We are at our best when we are able to maintain a healthy and balanced, stress-free and peaceful lifestyle.
  • Legacy: We are at our best when we work is in alignment with our values. We intend to leave a legacy that our children will be proud of and one that inspires other to also leave the world a better place.
  • Ease & Simplicity: We are at our best when we are easy-going and flexible. We do not sweat the small stuff and we keep this in perspective.
  • Acceptance: We are at our best when we show compassion and treat others with the same respect that we expect to be treated. We do not judge.
  • Self Realization: We are constantly seeking to grow and expand our understanding and awareness of those around us.
  • Effort: We are at our best when we take pride in our work and do our absolute best in everything we do. We give 100% to that which we commit.
  • Follow Through: We are at our best when we start with the end in mind and finish what we start.

Our Vision

If we are successful in executing our vision, millions of people around the world will discover a viable alternative to the status quo. They will come to understand their true purpose in life, become empowered to choose their own path, and be able to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle. They will be genuinely happy, confident, in love with their lives. They will enjoy quality time and relationships with people they care about. We envision a world in which every person who chooses can wake up to their own potential, and begin to live, breathe, and create the life of their choosing.

Meet the Team

Jonas Beel Marketing/Design Specialist

Jason Beach Business Development Specialist

Jesse Vista Tech Specialist


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